Product push: Identifying and addressing reasons for discontinuing goods

If an article lies untouched on the shelves, it is often discontinued.

If an article lies untouched on the shelves, it is often discontinued.

Manufacturers invest a lot of energy, time and money in the development and launch of new products. Once the listing with the retail chains has been successfully implemented and the product is finally on the shelf, it should also remain there for as long as possible and with high sales.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case in reality. There are various reasons for this, such as

  • the product arrives on the shelf at the wrong time, such as a relaxing foam bath in summer,
  • the design of the product is not in line with current trends and needs to be revised,
  • the placement of the product on the shelf is implemented carelessly or not as agreed; the shopper's attention is not drawn to the product.

Such circumstances can lead to delisting and thus cause the product to fail in the market! Hard-earned shelf positions then threaten to fall to competitors. This is where appJobber helps with the "product push" and strategically counteracts delistings.

appJobber gives products the sales kick!

Our crowd creates a push in demand.

Our crowd creates a push in demand.

The appJobber crowd network can unerringly enable an increase in sales. The real shoppers of our crowd increase the visibility of weak products, increase demand and thus avoid possible delistings. How does this work? We generate thousands of sales of your product in the desired markets. Either in the shortest possible time or stretched over months - appJobber can control this individually in terms of time, region and retailer level. Further advantages of the product push:

  • The order for product purchases is possible incognito in closed user groups and does not attract false attention (mystery shopping).
  • In addition to the purchase itself, feedback on the product can be obtained and thus a qualitative product check can also be carried out.
  • Actively addressing employees on site about the product through the appJobbers generates increased demand and raises awareness of the product among employees
  • On-site pictures provide information about the placement in the market and make the need for optimisation visible.
  • Overall, more cost-effective and more insightful for the manufacturer than having failed product development.

Are you interested in giving your product a push, preventing it from being discontinued or do you want to buy time to improve a product before it disappears from the shelf? Contact us without obligation and arrange your personal and free consultation here!

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