"Milk coffee checks" are live..
☕️☕️☕️Our "Milk coffee checks" are now available in further stores! ☕️☕️☕️

Mal mit Kaffee Geld verdienen!

Keep an eye out at your next shopping trip!

The next purchase could be especially worthwhile for you, since there is a new job is waiting for you right now. You can do this job in many supermarkets all over the UK and all we need from you is a couple of photos. What do you have to do? You can find out here!

Have a look at our new search jobs in UK! Photo: © 955169,

Anew every week: Our Motorola-Checks

Which smartphones are sold? And what is recommended to you in the store? These are the questions our Motorola-Check revolves around. It is an absolute job classic at appJobber and is waiting for you in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, UK, Poland and Germany. But the best part is: You can do this job every week anew! That means: Fixed pocket money. :)

Get started with appJobber and earn some money with our Motorola-Checks

Attention Czech Republic: Our 20 € jobs are waiting for you!

Get started with appJobber! Our Petrol Station Checks have started in the Czech Republic. You can earn phenomenal 20 € at each check. Click here to find out what you have to do and where to find the checks.

New Petrol Station Checks are waiting for you!

Dobrý den! appJobber now also in the Czech Republic!

Get started with our crowdworking app appJobber in the Czech Republic! Because our first jobs are just waiting for you! Karlovy Vary, Plzeň, Praha, Olomouc, Brno etc.: In many cities and regions the first location checks are waiting for you. You can do them comfortably by app within a few minutes and get money for it. Try it now and make your piggy bank happy!

appJobber Jobs in Tschechien
Here you can find appJobber checks in the Czech Republic!

The badges for all travel enthusiasts

You get around a lot? Or are very keen to travel? Then maybe these new badges will soon belong to your collection: Long distance driver and Holiday jobber. What this is all about and how do you get them? Check it out here.

Get your „Long distance driver“ badge or your „Holiday jobber“ badge on your next trip!

Navigate, Focus and Sort

You want to make your jobbing even easier?
With these 3 ultimate features this is possible! Because those who know these tricks save time, improve their image quality and simplify the search for jobs.

Here you can find out how to do it!

Our 3 ultimate features

Camera crash? The new update brings improvement!

Over the last weeks we have received news from you again and again, because the camera crashed while working. Of course this must not happen. So we say SORRY again and apologize for the trouble some of you had with it. That's why we're even more happy that our developers were able to fix the tricky bug.

New Update!

How to ensure a secure password

May 2nd is World Password Day. This is a good occasion to make you become aware of the importance of a secure password. Data theft, phishing or targeted hacker attacks are nowadays a frequent topic of discussion in the media. The huge data theft of January 2019, in which millions of passwords were distributed worldwide, is perhaps still on your mind.
In order to protect your own user accounts, it is therefore important to take this matter seriously instead of hoping that it will not affect you. So here are a few important tips to help you protect your appJobber user account - and of course your hard-earned money.

Protect your user accounts from unauthorized access! - Foto: JanBaby, Pixabay, CC0

How to find our Store-Checks?

Maybe you have already noticed that we offer many Store-Checks all over Europe at the moment. They are just waiting for you to complete them and you can earn some money with them on the go! As we got several messages saying that you can‘t find these jobs, we would like to show how to complete one of our Store-Checks!

That‘s how you find our Store-Checks.

May we present? Our brand new badges

We proudly present you: our brand-new badges!

Curious about our badges?

Store-Checks all over Europe

Have you seen our store checks yet?

They are available for you all over Europe and are just waiting to be done by you. These easy scouting jobs can be fulfilled in just a few minutes. So, have a closer look!

Our scouting jobs will bring you good money in minutes!

Hej till Sverige! appJobber is heading for Sweden!

Our crowdworking App appJobber is already available in many European countries and has already many fans for example in Denmark. Now it‘s time to jump over the Öresund bridge and to say välkommen!

Get appJobber now for free on Google Play and on the AppStore! - Photo: #527014723, Farknot Architect,

Pinpointing a place on a map: the wonders of geocoding

appJobber's services mostly have a geographical dimension to them, this is why words like POI, Geocoding and Geomarketing are daily stuff in our conversations. Let's have a closer look to understand what they mean to us and to our clients.

Ameliorating the crowdworking business together

In cooperation with other leading crowdworking providers, appJobber has signed a code-of-conduct aiming to a fair cooperation between crowdworkers and providers. We perceive crowdworking as a modern method of working and would like - with this voluntary guideline - to contribute to the establishment of better and fair conditions for all persons involved .

appJobber is a subscriber
appJobber isone of the subscribers of the Crowdworking Code-of-Conduct

What a great year – Proud of 2016 and excited for 2017

HO HO HO! As the year draws to a close, we want to take the opportunity to say thank you! It was a great year and it gave us great joy, to always make new and exciting jobs in our app available for you.

The year was characterized by

What are retail executions, and why we keep an eye on them

appJobber has developed to become one of the preferred tools for manufacturers to understand the possibilities and actual data of their retail execution. So we will today try to understand what is so important about this managing strategy for the sell-out.

Displaying products in the point of sales
Displaying products at the point of sales

What is Retail Execution?
Retail execution is understood as the execution of sales strategy at the point of sale. The aim of Retail execution is basically to have the right products in stock, at the right place, at the right time, with the perfect price.

Forward-looking Crowdworking

During the past couple of weeks Crowdworking was a popular topic in the media. One of Germany‘s largest TV stations ARD dedicated its this year‘s theme week to the future of work (Link), in coorparation with other german TV stations (HR, SR and Radio Bremen). Of course Crowdworking is also a segment of „the future of work“ and appJobber was asked, how the future of microjobbing could possibly look like.

appJobber bei der Hessenschau
Hessenschau and the future of Work

From A Like Albania, to U Like Ukraine: gain money with your smartphone

appJobber is a crowdsourcing platform, with which you can make money easily!
Download the free app on your iphone or Android smartphone and register. Once you open the app, you will see the microjobs that are waiting for you. Start a job, complete the requested tasks and then the money will get to your appJobber account. You can ask us anytime to transfer the money to your paypal or bank account, starting from the first gained Euro.

Our Store-Check-Jobs are available in 40 European countries! Each job pays you 5 €! To complete the job you‘ll have to seek out the requested supermarket or drug store and take some photos from the inside and outside of the store. That's it, job done. The best thing: it is up to you in which city and in which store you want to do the job.

jobs in all of Europe

Take pictures of a shelf like a Pro. What you need to know

Head-on, in their full height, not slanted, in landscape format, with all products visible, only one product visible... Requirements for pictures of shelves for appJobber can be quite diverse and demanding. These details can sometimes sound exaggerated, but they are needed to be able to extract specific information out of pictures. Let us show you what the perfect shelf-photo should look like and why it's so important.

Übersicht der Obst und Gemüse Abteilung
Overview example: fruit and vegetable section