Dobrý den! appJobber now also in the Czech Republic!

From now on you can also get started in the Czech Republic with our crowdworking app appJobber! Karlovy Vary, Plzeň, Praha, Olomouc etc.: In many cities and regions the first checks are waiting for you. You can do them comfortably by app and within a few minutes. Try it now and make your piggy bank happy!

Here you can find checks in the Czech Republic!

What do you have to do?
Our first checks are quick location checks. We want to know from you whether the restaurants mentioned can still be found. Additionally we need information about the opening hours and some photos. Checks are usually done in a few minutes and you get 1 € for it. Best of all, these checks are just the beginning. Check it out now and look forward to bigger checks in October.

And what's next?
If you don't have appJobber yet, get it now for free from the AppStore or PlayStore. Sign up and check the map to see where you can find the next job. Read our FAQ at the beginning. And if you still have questions, feel free to contact our support at

We wish you a lot of fun and success with appJobber!

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