The badges for all travel enthusiasts

You get around a lot? Or are very keen to travel? Then maybe these new badges will soon belong to your collection: Long distance driver and Holiday jobber. What this is all about and how do you get them? Check it out here.

Get your „Long distance driver“ badge or your „Holiday jobber“ badge on your next trip!

Work hard – not only at home

You will receive the Long distance driver badge if there is a distance of at least 500 km between two of your successfully completed jobs. This rewards all jobbers who check out our app while travelling and do one or more jobs between sightseeing and chilling out. And by the way: In big countries you don’t even have to go abroad to grab this badge. A city trip may be enough to get it.

Similar to our „Long distance driver“ badge is that one: Holiday jobber. If you want to get that badge you have to go to another country and do a job there. The distance between the jobs is not decisive. So if you are lucky enough to live close to the border, you can easily expand your badge collection.

Maybe you’ve already planned your next trip? Have fun packing your suitcases, have a good trip and don’t forget: Check the app and get started!

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